Malta Company

Malta Companies, “Malta Ltd.”, is now a growing form of company in the EU / EEA. What makes this type of company attractive is the low tax offered to foreign investors. Malta has a corporate tax of 35 percent, but as a foreigner you can get a tax credit of up to 6 / 7 (approximately 30 percentage points), which means that companies inside the EU / EEA can operate from Malta and pay only 5 percent of the corporation tax. The money can then be transferred to another country within the EU / EEA tax-free thanks to the “parent-subsidiary directive”, which is an EU directive designed to harmonize trade within the EU / EEA.

Malta Companies costs about the same as a limited liability company (AB in Sweden) but you get a lot more for it and maintenance costs are in most cases reasonable. The share capital of a Malta company is EUR 1 200 but only 20 percent of the capital needs to be paid when the company is established.

Requirements for the establishment of a Maltese Company is a director, company secretary, auditor, and a Maltese business address. Another thing that is beneficial with Malta companies is that you do not necessarily need to own the company itself, but you can use a “bare trust” – which is a legal entity that is controlled by the Maltese authorities and the function is to own shares in as “The ultimate beneficial owner” (the real owner of the company).